Bodies of Work

Standing Wave Seance
Computer-generated, 3-channel sound, guitar amp, PA speakers, home stereo speaker, drawing, sculpture, light bulb controlled by light organ. Produced in collaboration with James B. Maxwell.
Dimensions: variable

Entrance view

Exhibition venue: Standing Wave Seance (sample of audio) Seattle Art Museum

Standing Wave Seance is a work that was specifically created in honour of Kurt Cobain. We chose to evoke a seance, linking the idea of an art exhibition as a whole to the practice that the American "Spiritualists" made infamous by using various forms of trickery to bring back the dead. The sound is generated in 3 channels by a computer program that, in theory, never repeats–what you hear is a layering of Kurt's voice, crowd sounds from Nirvana concerts, and a series of sine waves produced by the computer listening through the microphone. (Read a review of the exhibition by Mike Usinger.)