Bodies of Work

How to Kill a Buddha
Cinefoil, steel, magnets
Dimensions: Variable

Exhibition venue: Material Information, curated by Juan A. Gaitán, Bergen Permanenten Arts Museum, Norway

This series of sculptures echo and respond to the antique Chinese sculptures of Buddhist figures collected by Walter Munthe, now housed at the Permanenten West Norway Museum of Decorative Art. The works are assemblages of sculptural impressions–fragments “printed” by pressing black aluminium foil onto the more permanent originals–to capture direct, crude impressions of various gestures, poses and symbolic details. The desire is to evoke the ghosts of missing limbs or even to create new figures from these impressions. Ultimately, the work concerns figuration as a conceptual and sculptural enterprise. How to Kill a Buddha (and other Received Ideas) makes a new use of Buddhist iconography through direct material sensibilities and presents a tactile mode of working with a museum collection or archive.