Bodies of Work

“Oh friends, there are no friends”
4-channel audio installation

“Oh friends, there are no friends” (Not visible) photo: Niels Vis

Exhibition venue: "O friends there are no friends," Smart Project Space, Amsterdam, NL, 2010. O friends, there are no friends

B-a-n-g-e-r-s is a video animation of black and white images of headbangers taken from the internet and put in sequence so that one shifting figure appears to be banging their head. As the images of the headbangers repeat in sequence, the body disintegrates into cyan, yellow, magenta and black benday dots commonly used for printing photographic images. The process loops continually: swinging hair, colour, figure and circles move the headbangers to a pop-art geometric abstraction and back again. We set this video within a 4-channel audio environment, titled "O Friends, there are no Friends,” because a similar translation and transformation occurs: a soundscape of birds, animals and rural life slowly shifts into a noisy series of wailing heavy metal guitars that are carefully imitating all of the supposedly “natural” sounds in the environment. In a manner that echoes the relations explored in “Time repeatedly donates inexperience to cognition,” the listener experiences a shift in languages from that of birds and animals, to the wailing humanity of heavy metal riffing.